Asking for help

When I mention my journey with depression and anxiety, many people are surprised that I am openly talking about it. Of course, everyone knows mental health issues do exist and people do suffer from them, but I think still there is a big stigma surrounding the topic. I was thinking about it the other day, … Continue reading Asking for help

Self-bulling is a thing

If someone would ask me to describe mental health, I would most likely use the following words: sickness, vulnerability, exhaustion, sadness, pain. But recently I’ve discovered another word that I’ve never really associated with mental health before: bullying. And I am not talking about bullying other people, or that someone else is bullying you – … Continue reading Self-bulling is a thing

Let’s talk about it

Depression is a difficult topic to discuss. It’s hard for people who are going through it, and it’s even harder for people who aren’t but are close to the ones who are. You can’t force anyone to open up and share their feelings and emotions, but at the same time, you can’t let them deal … Continue reading Let’s talk about it

Why do I do this

I always wanted my blog to focus on matters that are important to me. At first, I created a fashion blog, in which I was commenting on celebrities’ fancy outfit choices. Then I was writing about new trends, how to style them, where to look for them and what occasion they will suit. Months later, … Continue reading Why do I do this

Seven billion people = seven billion opinions

We live in a world in which we are surrounded by almost eight billion people. We are raised in communities with different standards, opinions, and beliefs hoping the knowledge taught will enable us to create our own path. We become easily influenced by parents, friends, neighbours, social media, TV, books, teachers, politicians, Church’s representatives and … Continue reading Seven billion people = seven billion opinions